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02 May

China Soybean Arrivals Swing to the Upside

Ken Smithmier

A sharp increase in April soybean imports into China appears to be due to seasonal stockpiling rather than any sort of stabilization in the ongoing African Swine Fever (ASF) epidemic. The month of April saw soybean arrivals accelerate to around 7.5 million tonnes, the largest monthly figure for 2019 and the largest since September 2018 when imports hit 8 million tonnes according to Chinese...

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24 April

China: Corn Industrial Use Shines, Feeding Takes a Hit

Ken Smithmier

In the most recent USDA Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) China Grain and Feed Annual Report, marketing year 2019/20 corn consumption was estimated at a record high 282 million tonnes, up from 279 million in 2018/19.

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12 April

From Rail to Barge, US Transportation Grid Slows

Ken Smithmier

The slowdown in the US logistics grid was first highlighted in our March 20th post When The Levee Breaks. Due to increased snow melt in the Northern Plains, more rain this week in the Ohio River Valley and a potential snowstorm impacting parts of Montana, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota,  it doesn’t appear the mess is over. US corn, soybean and wheat shipments through the first 14 weeks of the...

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02 April

Seasonal Trade Flow Shift: Brazil to EU

Ken Smithmier

ClipperData would like to alert market participants to the seasonal shift underway from US-origin soybeans to Brazilian-origin soybeans for unloading in the European Union.

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20 March

When the Levee Breaks

Ken Smithmier

Heavy rainfall and above-normal snowfall accumulation across the US have escalated flood risk over the short and medium-term. The flood stage has already been surpassed at the Mississippi River in St. Louis, with water levels now exceeding 30 feet.

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14 February

A Bit of Optimism for US Soybean Exports

Ken Smithmier

Recent forecasts for the Brazilian soybean crop have been falling, with the USDA currently projecting production at 117 million tonnes and CONAB at 115.3 million tonnes. Both of these estimates are down from last year’s record production of 120.80 million tonnes.

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29 January

Preparing for the Worst

Ken Smithmier

Over the course of the 35-day US government shutdown, it was rumored that Chinese importers would buy the following:

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16 January

Global slowdown reaches agricultural markets

Ken Smithmier

Only two weeks into 2019, and ClipperData is already beginning to see wide disparities in Chinese soybean offtake versus historical patterns. Week 1 offtake for China totaled 656,000 tonnes in 2019, compared to 1.12 million tonnes in 2018 and 1.45 million tonnes in 2017.

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