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02 April

Seasonal Trade Flow Shift: Brazil to EU

Ken Smithmier

ClipperData would like to alert market participants to the seasonal shift underway from US-origin soybeans to Brazilian-origin soybeans for unloading in the European Union.

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15 March

US Gulf Refiners Work to Mind the Venezuelan Gap

Amir Richani

A month and a half has passed since US sanctions restricted exports of Venezuelan crude to US refiners. Although the South American country is the biggest loser, refineries on the US Gulf Coast are also being significantly impacted.   

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21 February

Challenges remain for Alunorte alumina refinery

Ron Coifman

The Alunorte refinery in Barcarena, Pará state, in northern Brazil, is not likely to return to full alumina production in the near future. The company cut production from full rates after heavy rains in early 2018 raised concerns about leakage from retention ponds and potential contamination to surrounding areas.

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Matt Smith deciphers and distills what is most relevant across the energy complex into cohesive and pithy knowledge you can use. The belly laugh is a bonus.

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Dan Graeber is Chief Editor at ClipperData. He specializes in exploring the intersection between geopolitical events and the price of oil.

Dan Graeber


Amir Richani is a geopolitical analyst at ClipperData, with a voracious appetite for studying political, economic and social developments in Latin America.

Amir Richani


Noam Raydan is an analyst at ClipperData, focusing on political and security developments that could disrupt oil flows in the MENA region. She is also a tanker sleuth, scouring the high seas for unusual activities.

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Josh Lowell is an energy analyst at ClipperData. He specializes in marine fuels, and is known for talking about IMO2020 in his sleep.

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