At the half-way point of the month, wheat discharges in the Middle East and North Africa regions are 39,154 Mt/d so far, which is -10% from a year ago. Egypt offloaded 9,674 Mt/d to date, which is down from 15,408 Mt/d in June last year. Some countries are discharging more than last year, however, including Morocco and Iran. They imported 8,993 Mt/d and 4,402 Mt/d respectively so far this month, which is up 58% and 83% respectively from a year ago.

MENA’s imports from Ukraine are up 41% this month from a year ago, to 11,558 Mt/d, but is countered by a decline of 43% from Russia, which delivered 6,923 Mt/d so far this month. Supplies from Russia may increase as the month progresses, as Russian exports are 12,135 Mt/d and up 42% from a year ago. Ukrainian exports are 48% lower so far, at a much lower 3,271 Mt/d. Wheat exports from both countries usually pick up strongly starting in July.

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