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ClipperClips: Ken's TV Trifecta

Feb 8, 2019 11:13:50 AM EST
By: Matt Smith

Ken Smithmier has only been with the good ship ClipperData for a month, coming on board as our Director of Research for Agricultural Markets, but he is already making waves in the media.

With soybeans a hot topic in the midst of the current US-China Trade War, and with USDA data being errant amid the recent government shutdown, he's quickly become a go-to source to provide insights into this particularly opaque market. He's been busy this week, making three appearances on different networks - see them below.

This morning he appeared on TD Ameritrade with our good friend, Ben Lichtenstein. Hark, click on Ken's mugshot to launch to the clip:

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He also appeared on BNN Bloomberg on Wednesday. Again - mugshot / interview / click: 

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While he kicked off the week on Ag Web (with an accompanying article here). You know the drill:

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Well done Ken!

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