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Amir Richani

is a geopolitical analyst at ClipperData, with a voracious appetite for studying political, economic and social developments in Latin America.

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03 May

Venezuela: between political crisis and oil flows

Amir Richani

Venezuela’s political and economic crises continue to deteriorate, all while PdVSA tries to maintain steady oil flows.

On Tuesday, opposition leader Juan Guaido, accompanied by several members of the Venezuelan armed forces, called for military support to oust Nicolas Maduro.

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02 April

Mexican light crude imports absent so far in 2019

Amir Richani

A number of media outlets reported in recent days that Pemex data show Mexico importing light crude oil in February. We believe this is not the case. Pemex published import data for February showing monthly volumes of LPG, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and “others.” 

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15 March

US Gulf Refiners Work to Mind the Venezuelan Gap

Amir Richani

A month and a half has passed since US sanctions restricted exports of Venezuelan crude to US refiners. Although the South American country is the biggest loser, refineries on the US Gulf Coast are also being significantly impacted.   

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28 February

Changing Trends in Venezuelan Flows

Amir Richani

As the US closes its doors to Venezuelan crude, we see more cargoes heading to Asia, with India as the primary destination amid talk of PdVSA seeking to barter for its oil

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15 February

Sanciones contra Venezuela comienzan a tener efecto

Amir Richani

Las sanciones impuestas por los Estados Unidos a Venezuela y PdVSA comienzan a surtir efecto. Las importaciones de productos refinados del país sudamericano se detuvieron por 11 días, mientras que las importaciones de crudo venezolano a los Estados Unidos se han reducido considerablemente.

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11 February

Sanctions on Venezuela Starting to Bite

Amir Richani

US sanctions on PdVSA and Venezuela are already having a significant impact. Imports of clean products into Venezuela were halted for 11 days from the end of January, while Venezuelan crude exports to the US have dropped considerably.  

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Tagged Venezuela diluent, Venezuela oil exports, Venezuela sanctions, venezuela crude exports, naphtha exports to Venezuela, US imports of Venezuelan crude 1 Comment
08 February

Se Redujeron Las Importaciones Mexicanas de Gasolina En Enero.

Amir Richani

En diciembre, el presidente de México Andrés Manuel López Obrador, conocido como AMLO, puso en marcha su nuevo plan para combatir el robo de combustible, o conocido en México como Huachicol, con el objetivo de recuperar los miles de millones de dólares que se pierden a raíz de esta actividad ilegal.

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Tagged Mexico gasoline imports, mexico product imports, AMLO 3 Comments
04 February

Mexico Gasoline Import Weakness Persists

Amir Richani

In December, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, popularly known as AMLO, launched a plan to fight fuel theft across Mexico in an effort to offset the billions of dollars lost to the illicit activity during the previous administration. 

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24 January

Oil makes for a sticky situation in Venezuela

Amir Richani

Recognition of opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela by the United States, Canada and several right-leaning Latin American powers shows the tenure of Nicolas Maduro and the durability of Chavismo is under threat.

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Tagged Venezuela diluent, Venezuela sanctions, venezuela crude exports, naphtha exports to Venezuela, US imports of Venezuelan crude, Maduro 1 Comment
22 January

ClipperClip: Mounting challenges in Venezuela

Amir Richani

Venezuela is coping with fuel shortages and declining exports during its struggle to prop up its ailing energy sector. Vessels initially bound for the United States have been seen diverting to Venezuela to help address the issue.

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01 December

Make Pemex Great Again!

Amir Richani

Popular Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) takes power today facing major energy and economic challenges. The incoming president wants to break the energy sector’s dependence on the United States, while at the same time addressing fuel theft and Pemex's poor track record for getting things done.

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Tagged Mexico gasoline imports, mexico crude exports, AMLO 4 Comments
20 November

New Chinese Dawn in Bolsonaro's Brazil

Amir Richani

Even though the election of president-elect Jair Bolsonaro has generated anti-Chinese rhetoric in Brazil, strong economic ties between the two countries means divorce is unlikely.

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Amir Richani is a geopolitical analyst at ClipperData, with a voracious appetite for studying political, economic and social developments in Latin America.

Amir Richani


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