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Matt Smith

deciphers and distills what is most relevant across the energy complex into cohesive and pithy knowledge you can use. The belly laugh is a bonus.

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20 February

ClipperClip: Heavy Heavy

Matt Smith

This morning's appearance on CNBC Squawk Box discussed the abundance of light crude amid a lack of heavy barrels ahead of IMO 2020. We also discussed signs of weaker oil demand from China and Germany, while Russia product exports ramp up. 

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Tagged IMO 2020, light sweet crude, US shale, OPEC, China product exports, US heavy crude imports, Venezuela sanctions, Iran sanctions 4 Comments
13 February

ClipperClip: Hope Springs Eternal

Matt Smith

I was on CNBC Squawk Box this morning discussing the current dynamics in the oil market and what the key takeaways are from the latest OPEC / IEA monthly oil reports (in combo with our flows data), as well as what could happen to prices over the rest of the year. 

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08 February

ClipperClips: Ken's TV Trifecta

Matt Smith

Ken Smithmier has only been with the good ship ClipperData for a month, coming on board as our Director of Research for Agricultural Markets, but he is already making waves in the media.

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24 January

ClipperClip: Venezuela & the Energy Flows Involved

Matt Smith

I was out on CNBC Asia last evening discussing the current situation in Venezuela, and its path back to energy. We discussed the crude flows leaving the country, where they are going, and how dependent Venezuela is on the flow of diluent into the country from the US.

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Tagged venezuela crude exports, Venezuela sanctions, US imports of Venezuelan crude, Venezuela diluent, naphtha exports to Venezuela, Maduro, Guaido 2 Comments
16 January

ClipperClip: Talking AMLO, EIA

Matt Smith

I was on TD Ameritrade this morning, chatting with Ben Lichtenstein about Mexican gasoline imports and the current gasoline shortage there (something we discussed in my latest showing on NPR's Texas Standard on Monday - listen here).

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Tagged Mexico gasoline imports, AMLO, US gasoline exports, us oil production, us crude exports 1 Comment
03 January

ClipperClip: Looking ahead and Reversing

Matt Smith

I had a great time on BNN Bloomberg today with Andrew Bell, he's a funny dude. We started off chatting about the key themes of this year, including the OPEC production cut and weakness in the Chinese economy, before shifting gears to electric vehicles, and the noise they make when they reverse.

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14 December

Trading Places

Matt Smith

Trading Places is the most popular trading (and presumably, Christmas) movie among energy traders (as proven by Anthony Crudele via his podcast interviews). So while we get into the holiday spirit, it seemed appropriate to highlight how energy flows have their own version of the movie plot playing out. 

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12 December

ClipperClip: Running the Gamut

Matt Smith

We ran the gamut on the set of CNBC Squawk Box this morning, with Becky Quick again asking a bunch of really good questions as we covered everything from US inventories to OPEC, from US hedging to what could lie in store in 2019. 

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Tagged us oil production, nopec, OPEC, Iran sanctions, saudi arabia production Leave a comment
07 December

Bringing Home the Bagels

Matt Smith

In keeping with PETA's recent announcement to remove speciesism, OPEC has ironed out the details of a production cut (the sequel), with higher prices meaning they will ultimately be 'bringing home the bagels'.

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Tagged Saudi oil exports, OPEC, Iraq oil exports 1 Comment
07 December

ClipperClip: Highwire Act

Matt Smith

I was out on CNBC Asia last night discussing the current OPEC meeting, and how Saudi Arabia is having to do a highwire act - trying to balance a production cut deal while not riling President Trump. Regardless of the outcome, someone isnt going to be pleased. 

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Matt Smith deciphers and distills what is most relevant across the energy complex into cohesive and pithy knowledge you can use. The belly laugh is a bonus.

Matt Smith


Dan Graeber is Chief Editor at ClipperData. He specializes in exploring the intersection between geopolitical events and the price of oil.

Dan Graeber


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Josh Lowell is an energy analyst at ClipperData. He specializes in marine fuels, and is known for talking about IMO2020 in his sleep.

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